In the last couple years, I have read several books written by physicians. When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, is the latest one.   My wife recommended the book to me last year and it also made its way to Bill Gates’ heavily-followed reading list recently.   The book may not be as grand as works by other doctors. It is a relatively short read but it packs lots of power and wisdom as Kalanithi took us on the journey of self-discovery, the grueling…Continue Reading “When Breath Becomes Air”

Every student spends considerable time on various writing assignments.  Yet, only a small fraction of the population writes consistently after they leave school.  Eileen Chang, one of the best Chinese writers in modern era, expressed the following opinion on writing (translated from Chinese). “Most people who reach middle age have some interesting real life experience, and possess unique perspective on humanity.  However, most do not bother to write them down and their insights are lost forever.  Some possess quote-worthy wisdom of life.  Others may just…Continue Reading “Writing Things Down”