Google dominated much of the news this week.  A few days ago, the company just finished its big developer lovefest, the annual I/O conference.  It is no big surprise that Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, declared the company will use an AI-first approach in all its products.  Google Assistant is now available on iOS.  The company is building its own AI chip, the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), to run neural network.  Since they do not want to rely 100% on outside vendors, it makes sense to integrate…Continue Reading “A.I. News – Week of May 22nd”

Google is famous for its reliance on data and analytics to drive decisions.  Google’s approach makes perfect sense in areas such as online advertising where large quantity of data is readily available for analysis.  Recently, it even applies the methodology in decisions traditionally reserved for humans: recruiting and organization development.  Numerous articles have already been written on the subject as recruiting and organization decisions can impact company performance tremendously and millions are spent by organizations to gain a competitive edge.  Logically, they are also utilizing…Continue Reading “Data Driven VC Investment Decision”