In the last couple years, I have read several books written by physicians. When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, is the latest one.   My wife recommended the book to me last year and it also made its way to Bill Gates’ heavily-followed reading list recently.   The book may not be as grand as works by other doctors. It is a relatively short read but it packs lots of power and wisdom as Kalanithi took us on the journey of self-discovery, the grueling…Continue Reading “When Breath Becomes Air”

I was told that one defines his or her purpose by thinking what you want to be written in your own obituary.   As such, reading other people’s obituaries can also be beneficial to gain perspectives. I generally find reading obituaries to be too depressing.  Instead, I like reading (or listening to) commencement speeches. I cannot remember when I developed the habit but I think it is before TED talks became popular.  Ironically, I did not remember anything about the speaker at my undergraduate commencement as…Continue Reading “Commencement Speeches”

I am sucker for good speeches. Couple years ago, I came across a very good commencement speech by Toni Morrison.  This is an address to the 2011 graduates of Rutgers University.  There are three main points that are worth discussing: “You are your own stories. Although you don’t have complete control of the story of your life, you can create that story.” Pursuit of “meaningful” life instead of “happy” life “Every true heroine breaks free from his or her class” First point was very powerful,…Continue Reading “Write Your Own Story”