Peter Bregman wrote a thought provoking essay on leadership in the HBR blog.   Woody Allen once said 80% of success is about showing up.  Bregman’s analysis is covering the remaining 20%.  It is essentially about maximizing one’s impact at any given moment.  He gave a good example about someone who regularly runs on the track mill.   Obviously, running on the track mill is much better than not exercising.  However, this approach could be far from the optimal impact one can attain.  Has he considered other…Continue Reading “Most Powerful Use of Time”

To be successful, one has to optimize the utilization of scarce resources.  Half a century ago, computers were slow.  Computer programs were typically run in batches and programmers were limited to a fix allotment of computing time.  Today, computing power is a commodity.  Almost everyone owns multiple “intelligent” devices which are essentially computers packaged into different form factors.  The byproduct of cheap computing power and ubiquitous communication is that people are flooded with emails, twitter feeds, instant news update, etc.  Importantly, many of these devices…Continue Reading “Managing Attention”