I am resuming my blog after a long hiatus. EdX had a great profile on Sonal, a 55-year-old PhD. physics graduate, who becomes a regular user of MOOC in the last few years.  She has taken many courses outside her field such as Mandarin and Science of Happiness and is an advocate for democratizing education to provide a level playing field for everyone.  Before the advance of online learning, it is rather uncommon for a 55-year-old Ph.D in physics to be an active learning participant.  Time has changed as…Continue Reading “Weekly News Round Up”

AI appears to be gaining steam in destroying jobs.  Blackrock recently laid off some of their stock pickers in favor of robots. Over the last century, the study of investment has become a sought-after and lucrative intellectual discipline. Portfolio managers are often measured by their alpha, or the return compared to a relevant investment benchmark.  Hot fund managers can charge high fees while underperforming ones may need to provide a refund even if they are big shots in the industry.  It is a cut-throat business…Continue Reading “Relentless Alpha Seekers”

Edsurge has an excellent article on a new coding school called 42.  Coding schools or coding bootcamps such as General Assembly are gaining acceptance in the last few years as the demand for technology workers are increasing rapidly, coupled with escalating college tuition costs.  Unlike college degree programs, coding bootcamps typically take less than a year to complete and they are 100% career oriented.  Although they cost much less than a four-year degree, they are generally not free as most bootcamps are for-profit organizations.  Founded…Continue Reading “Coding School 42”

Today’s WSJ has a great recap of the WSJ CIO conference last week.  There was an interesting session by Andrew Ng at Baidu and Neil Jacobstein at Singularity University on AI’s opportunities. Ng and Jacobstein talked about the amazing progress of Artificial Intelligence in medicine, speech recognition, retail, etc. They also touched on darker themes such as job losses caused by automation. Jacobstein asked a thought provoking question: “What is the ratio of jobs destroyed to new jobs?” Jacobstein’s point of view is that the…Continue Reading “Will AI Change Everything?”

Peter Orszag, the former director of the Office of Management and Budget for President Obama opined on Bloomberg why we have so many college graduates driving taxi.  It is an excellent question.  Anecdotally, Orszag seems right.  I definitely have met highly educated taxi (and Uber) drivers before.  To back up his claim, Orszag cited some research, including work by Richard Vedder at OSU.  Vedder and his colleagues have done extensive research on the commoditization of college education over the last half century. President Obama and…Continue Reading “Taxi Drivers with College Degrees”

Most M.B.A. programs spent a fair amount of effort in collecting and publicizing the employment outcome of their recent graduates.  Potential students can find top employers, top industries, salary statistics, and other useful employment data points. These reports are helpful for incoming students to estimate their earnings potential upon graduation.  Further, they can also steer students with specific career interests to different schools.  Working experience is typically a requirement for most M.B.A. programs.  As such, in addition to paying for hefty tuition fees, M.B.A. students…Continue Reading “Product Label on Education”