I am resuming my blog after a long hiatus. EdX had a great profile on Sonal, a 55-year-old PhD. physics graduate, who becomes a regular user of MOOC in the last few years.  She has taken many courses outside her field such as Mandarin and Science of Happiness and is an advocate for democratizing education to provide a level playing field for everyone.  Before the advance of online learning, it is rather uncommon for a 55-year-old Ph.D in physics to be an active learning participant.  Time has changed as…Continue Reading “Weekly News Round Up”

I was told that one defines his or her purpose by thinking what you want to be written in your own obituary.   As such, reading other people’s obituaries can also be beneficial to gain perspectives. I generally find reading obituaries to be too depressing.  Instead, I like reading (or listening to) commencement speeches. I cannot remember when I developed the habit but I think it is before TED talks became popular.  Ironically, I did not remember anything about the speaker at my undergraduate commencement as…Continue Reading “Commencement Speeches”