Peter Bregman wrote a thought provoking essay on leadership in the HBR blog.   Woody Allen once said 80% of success is about showing up.  Bregman’s analysis is covering the remaining 20%.  It is essentially about maximizing one’s impact at any given moment.  He gave a good example about someone who regularly runs on the track mill.   Obviously, running on the track mill is much better than not exercising.  However, this approach could be far from the optimal impact one can attain.  Has he considered other…Continue Reading “Most Powerful Use of Time”

Peter Orszag, the former director of the Office of Management and Budget for President Obama opined on Bloomberg why we have so many college graduates driving taxi.  It is an excellent question.  Anecdotally, Orszag seems right.  I definitely have met highly educated taxi (and Uber) drivers before.  To back up his claim, Orszag cited some research, including work by Richard Vedder at OSU.  Vedder and his colleagues have done extensive research on the commoditization of college education over the last half century. President Obama and…Continue Reading “Taxi Drivers with College Degrees”

Most M.B.A. programs spent a fair amount of effort in collecting and publicizing the employment outcome of their recent graduates.  Potential students can find top employers, top industries, salary statistics, and other useful employment data points. These reports are helpful for incoming students to estimate their earnings potential upon graduation.  Further, they can also steer students with specific career interests to different schools.  Working experience is typically a requirement for most M.B.A. programs.  As such, in addition to paying for hefty tuition fees, M.B.A. students…Continue Reading “Product Label on Education”

Biography is my favorite reading genre.  I can learn a great deal about how different people think and see a different worldview without getting out of the house.  You can also see they made different decisions throughout their life. The biography of Sonia Sotamayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice, offers an interesting decision about career choice.  She came from a very humble background in the Bronx (Co-op City – I knew a thing a few things about the Bronx as my wife and I…Continue Reading “Contrarian Career Move”