Cali group, a California based fast-food restaurant, announced that it will be using the Flippy, the burger flipping robot, in the kitchens soon. Flippy is the latest product by the Pasadena company, Miso Robotics. Perhaps this may be another example of robots taking over our jobs, albeit a minimum wage position.  You can see the burger flipping video yourself.

Ron DePinho, President of the beleaguered oncology center, MD Anderson, resigned this week amid faculty turmoil and the failed implementation of IBM’s Watson in the institution.  The hospital obviously cannot blame the robot or the machine for the failed AI project.

Machine is getting faster and its velocity of learning is increasing every day.  Would it be nice if human can learn something by “downloading the knowledge” to the brain like Keanu Reeves did in the Matrix? posed a similar question this week if zapping our brains help us to learn faster.  This sounds crazy but there is some science behind the idea. The brain-boosting technique, transcranial direct current stimulation, tDCS, has shown early promise in experiments. However, scientists are still struggling to understand the mechanics and reproduce the benefit in a consistent way. This field of research may become more important in the future as we need to learn faster and keep up with the machine.

It is undeniable AI is making huge progress in different domains including retail, medicine, finance, etc.  When fifty experts in AI were asked about the biggest challenges in the field, the consensus answer seems to converge towards the ethics of AI.  While most large companies have some structure to govern the development of AI for the benefit of homosapiens.  However, a lot of fundamental questions remain unanswered.  It is not surprising as these questions such as what is good (right, or fair) to human cannot be answered by simple logic and there are wide ranging opinions on the subject.

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